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How be less stressed?

I decided create this post, because i see much people talk about be more "productive", setting absurd habits and goals. However, stay relaxed is very important for a good life and be more productive.

That is why, decided search about methods and habits that could help people become less stressed.


Yes, meditation for many may seem bullshit, but it is not. Neither is necessary learn with an expert or spend a lot of your time. Just take a moment to do "nothing", just close your eyes and clear your thoughts. A thing that help me to clear my mind is imagine that I'm lying in a totally white room where no have sound and other things, just me and a white room.

I normally do meditation when I wake up and when I will sleep. But feel free for make it or other meditation in any moment of your day.

Exists a lot of app that can help you with meditation, I use the Meditopia, it have several features like breath exercises, music for relax and guided meditation.

Alt Text


Is a of my favorite methods for relax, because help to calm my mind and can take a several benefits for the health, like blood pressure balance and increased lung capacity.

Alt Text

among the various breathing techniques, these are my favorite :

Shavasana : basically consists in lying down, leaving an arm extended and the other under the chest. The secret is to inflate the diaphragm like a bladder and slowly let go.

Bramari : sit on a chair with an upright posture and move mouth muscles trying to reproduce sound of a bee.

i like join meditation with breath exercises, because the breath help me have more focus.


Music, from the Greek, "the art of the muses". For me, one of the most beautiful arts. Each has a musical style, but it is know that Music Classic and Instrumenal help in concentration and stimulates the cognitive development. Other musical style that help in keep focus is LoFi, music genre that has a slower beat and the sound more grave.

Alt Text

That is why I decided make two playlists that could help people to be less stressed.

LoFi : Low Wifi

Classic Music : NoStressYesClassic

Conclusion 😄 😃 😆

It was a pleasure to me write about the habits and methods that I use for keep me less stressed. Feel free for share your tips with others. Thanks for all! 🤘 🤘 🤘

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jmorjsm profile image
Jon Morgan

I've found something very simple which has helped me feel slightly less stressed recently which is disabling the battery percentage indicator on my phone.
Funny as it may sound, I've already noticed how many times I would have looked at it and thought "omg it's already gone down ten percent, is this going to last me the day? I should stop using it right now"

Similarly, hiding clocks from my sight has been helpful when working to a deadline. You don't need to know every minute that you've got one minute less to complete your tasks.

patricnox profile image

I believe, when treating this as a metaphor, this is surely the key point answer to relieve stress overall.

Like for me I could see my source of stress being the way i registrate my work hours.

"Ok ive sat with this since 09:10 to 11:26 ok its approx 1.5h ok 6.5h remains today"

mkilmer profile image
MKilmer Author

Nice tips,man! 🤘 🤘 🤘

iamschulz profile image
I am Schulz

I think stress avoidance is mostly a matter of mindset. Identifying and delegating problems is important to deflect stressful situations before they can even affect you.
I'm in no way religious, but I do think the serenity prayer is excellent advise.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

mkilmer profile image
MKilmer Author

Thanks for your reply! 😄

trackrunner profile image
Laszlo Toth


Listen some music is a great way to cool down in my case. My taste is wide but for relaxing I like to listen music with guitar. ( Or just find some "only" guitar videos on Youtube.

I also like to do exercises. I cycle to work everyday, that helps me to be fresh in the morning. Plus it is a good recovery activity for me. After work I am going for a run. It is really good because all my frustration and extra energy I put into training :D

mkilmer profile image
MKilmer Author

Thanks for your reply! Is true, exercises are really good for stay relax 🤘 🤘 🤘

jlrxt profile image
Jose Luis Ramos T.

También bailar, cantar y silvar. Saludos.

sjellen profile image

Definitely lofi.

I’d also add exercise

mkilmer profile image
MKilmer Author

Yeah, man!LoFi is very good for study and work.

sararf22 profile image

I like the silent mood when I get stressed, walking is great method to relive stress , listening to music, playing with my cat or watch my favorite anime , I can relax a little.