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Songs to Work : Code & Song

"Without music, life would be a mistake"
Friedrich Nietzsch

I decided to put together a playlist for the moments I'm programming. With this, I gathered songs that I like and that provide me well-being.

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A band Brazilian of Psychedelic Rock, your style is very calm and it has a sound that doesn't bother you.Having a mix of instruments , despite being a Brazilian band, its members sing in English. My recommendations are Elbow Pain and La Edad del Futuro .

Feng Suave
This band is so AMAZING!A Pop music very very relaxing and seduction , that pleases the ears a lot. I strongly recommend Sink into the Floor and Noche Escura.

Billie Eilish
Singer who has been very successful recently, Billie have a music very different, mixture of pop, alternative and electropop.To code, I recommend i love you and ilomilo.

Still Corners
A dream pop band , that makes you feel on a long and wonderful car trip. The Trip and Black Lagoon are my recommendations for a great code.

Maybe the singer with the biggest mix of musical genres I have ever liked. Joji joins lofi, R&B, folk and electronic. My favorites are SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK and Midsummer Madness .

Ok, it's rock and roll now! Needless to say, Dio is great, with great vocal range and unusual songs. Holy Diver and Rainbow in the Dark are my tips.

Russian Doomer Music
Although the term Doomer is somewhat worrying, this kind of music is very interesting and relaxing. I recommend all songs from Molchat Doma .

Chicha Libre
A Brooklyn band that has Latin influences, especially from Peru. Most of his songs are instrumental,because the group's intention is to take famous songs and put them in a Latin rhythm. My favorites are Gnossienne No.1 and Sonido Amazonico .

Final Tip 🎵

create a playlist of songs you like to listen to while you work and post in the comments ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ .

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