APIs you didn't know you needed

Mikhail on January 29, 2019

With everything recently being "as a service", there are a plenty of different data sources that can provide... stuff. Stuff as a service, of cours... [Read Full]
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Laughed waaaaay to hard on your comment, can relate 100% :D
Edit: the short fml at the bottom made it


I have recently created a API,that gives a quote posted by #Sadhguru on twitter.
GitHub repo
Please check it out.


RoboHash is a service that provide unique, robot/alien/monster images for any text, IP address, email, etc.
Can be used to generate random but cool user avatars for a site!


This is so much fun, thanks for pointing it out. I've changed my dry and boring "Your DHCP WAN address changed from foo to bar" to "and here's a picture of the robot"!


Fantastic list! I know now that I do, in fact, need all of these APIs :P

Here's a fun one I like for filling up those template layouts:



This is sort of list of speculative known unknowns. I didn't know about them so I didn't know if I needed them, but if i had known about them I would have known that I didn't need them. Didn't stop me from going through the whole list though. I guess now they're known knowns.


I can not believe I did not know about foaas.com before. Thanks.


For anyone that finds this type of thing funny I also have a bad fortune cookie api for which I'm taking bad fortune suggestions :) amazing list enjoyed the Ron Swanson API the most bad-fortune-cookie.herokuapp.com/f...


Thanks for the list Mikhail, like you said in the title, I didn't know I need Yes or No api or the food api!

Also nice to have the short list of good placeholder sites at the bottom, placeholders can never be too creative.


This is great, especially the taco API. The VS Code extension that I'm helping build puts a little taco in your status bar near lunch time (not the main functionality, but a fun easter egg). 🌮🌮🌮


I run Catalogopolis which is an API for Doctor Who episode data. Which reminds me I need to update it for this last season!


The Pokemon API is amazing. So many front-end experiments have been "can I make a pokedex with this using the Pokemon API?"

Also where has that number API been all my life?!


Woah. Just saw Lost in Translation for the first time last night. Creepy.


Great stuff! 💪
This might be well known but worth sharing.
httpbin: A simple HTTP Request & Response Service.


Add placeholder.com Not as fun as most services listed here but nice to get an image with a custom size to fill blocks when prototyping


I have generated some incredible ipsum in the past, need to get back to it!

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