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APIs you didn't know you needed

Mikhail Korolev
・3 min read

With everything recently being "as a service", there are a plenty of different data sources that can provide... stuff. Stuff as a service, of course. Behold a small collection of APIs you may or not have heard about.

Yes or no?

Making decisions is hard. Why won't you outsource this job to a third-party microservice to ensure that the they are as independent as possible? Returns "maybe" every 10.000th time as a bonus.

Taco API

Are you in love with tacos? Can't decide what kind to make today? One HTTP request will get you a full recipe (with optional ingredients and categories of your choice).

Corporate bullshit

Do you find it hard to talk to Highly Enterprise Customers? Does your manager's manager want you to present a new topic for a weekly "0.5% team effectiveness raise" meeting? This will get you covered.

It's like this for that!

Another friend of yours quit the job and invested all the money and time into smart socks?

It's like this for that



Ruby gem, npm package and go libraries are also available.

Automate things that are important

Highly advanced and flexible RESTful API that accomplishes a common task of telling people to fuck off.

Custom names, signatures and loads of other options are available. Having a hard time communicating with disturbing foreigners? i18n is supported, as well as SHOUTCLOUD integration listed above.

Lorem Ipsum

If you are tired of the regular boring Lorem Ipsum filling your template layouts, take a look at Bacon Ipsum - a meaty dummy text API. If you are vegetarian, Skateboard-themed Ipsum or Baseball one will get you covered.

And here is a Markdown-flavoured Ipsum generator as a bonus.


We all love numbers. If you are in love with a particular number or date, you might as well want to know more about it. 78? A total number of gifts in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas.

And if you are bored, it is your chance to write a Slack plugin for PR notifications.

[thepracticaldev/] Pull request opened: #3 Klingon Code of Conduct
Lines changed as much as the number of years in 235 lunations.
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Animals as a service.

The famous Cat API paired with Dog and Shibe API, as well as more lightweight random fox, cat and dog services will get you a heartwarming JSON response every time you need it.

Donald Trump API

As the most acknowledged political figure of modern US, you can always expect people to keep record of what you said in a searchable database with an easy to parse output format.

If you don't want to get political, there is also a simple Ron Swanson quotes API. And, of course a good supply of Chuck Norris facts that definitely comes in handy.

Everything you ever wanted to CURL about the food

Recipes, ingredients, menu items, nutrition data. Mount a webcam inside your fridge, label your food with QR codes and automate your cooking suggestions based on what you have in stock.

Dispose data with ease

/dev/null in the cloud. Get rid of your unwanted bytes over POST requests. Free for up to 25GB/Month.

Spice up your placeholders

Not exactly an API in the same way as the rest of the services mentioned previously, but something you can't easily walk past.

Bill Murray placeholder

Got other services the world should know about?

Discussion (47)

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Yes or No API


nssimeonov profile image

Amateurs. We all know they should return also FileNotFound

darksmile92 profile image
Robin Kretzschmar • Edited

Laughed waaaaay to hard on your comment, can relate 100% :D
Edit: the short fml at the bottom made it

matthewbdaly profile image
Matthew Daly

Marvel have an excellent API for getting details about your favourite comics and characters.

hugoliconv profile image

I built a small app using that API.

dance2die profile image
Sung M. Kim

This actually I need 😉

ns23 profile image
Nitesh Sawant

I have recently created a API,that gives a quote posted by #Sadhguru on twitter.
GitHub repo
Please check it out.

ananyaneogi profile image
Ananya Neogi

RoboHash is a service that provide unique, robot/alien/monster images for any text, IP address, email, etc.
Can be used to generate random but cool user avatars for a site!

computersmiths profile image

This is so much fun, thanks for pointing it out. I've changed my dry and boring "Your DHCP WAN address changed from foo to bar" to "and here's a picture of the robot"!

ananyaneogi profile image
Ananya Neogi

jafuentest profile image
Juan A. Fuentest T.

Why is this tagged as productivity?

dansilcox profile image
Dan Silcox

It was “!productivity” but the ! got escaped out :D

myleftshoe profile image

This is sort of list of speculative known unknowns. I didn't know about them so I didn't know if I needed them, but if i had known about them I would have known that I didn't need them. Didn't stop me from going through the whole list though. I guess now they're known knowns.

dzello profile image
Josh Dzielak 🔆

Fantastic list! I know now that I do, in fact, need all of these APIs :P

Here's a fun one I like for filling up those template layouts:

raduq profile image
Raduan Silva dos Santos

My new favorite lorem ipsum generator

theaccordance profile image
Joe Mainwaring

don't forget about

heyjtk profile image

For anyone that finds this type of thing funny I also have a bad fortune cookie api for which I'm taking bad fortune suggestions :) amazing list enjoyed the Ron Swanson API the most

danielescoz profile image
Daniel Escoz

placekitten is my new favorite thing in the world, thank you.

philnash profile image
Phil Nash • Edited

PlaceCage is the premium option in the placeholder image world. 😄

danielescoz profile image
Daniel Escoz

No, sorry, cats are better. 🙈

Thread Thread
philnash profile image
Phil Nash

I disagree!

Nic Cage looking crazy.

apatrid profile image

I can not believe I did not know about before. Thanks.

heyjtk profile image

same this is the best thing I've ever seen

thegeoffstevens profile image
Geoff Stevens

This is great, especially the taco API. The VS Code extension that I'm helping build puts a little taco in your status bar near lunch time (not the main functionality, but a fun easter egg). 🌮🌮🌮

vikramchandra profile image
Vikram Sharma

Dude this is awesome. After reading your post I could not stop myself from googling for similar lists and I found a list of random quote apis

park53kr profile image
Junsuk Park

'Donald Trump API' awesome!

liyasthomas profile image
Liyas Thomas

Great collection. Feel free to use open source API testing tool: Hoppscotch to spin up these APIs on-the-go directly from your browser window.

GitHub logo hoppscotch / hoppscotch

👽 A free, fast and beautiful API request builder used by 100k+ developers.

darksmile92 profile image
Robin Kretzschmar

Thanks for the list Mikhail, like you said in the title, I didn't know I need Yes or No api or the food api!

Also nice to have the short list of good placeholder sites at the bottom, placeholders can never be too creative.

maxwell_dev profile image
Max Antonucci

The Pokemon API is amazing. So many front-end experiments have been "can I make a pokedex with this using the Pokemon API?"

Also where has that number API been all my life?!

phlash909 profile image
Phil Ashby

Super list - thank you.......maybe :)

dechamp profile image

This is amazing! lol Thanks for the share

daveross profile image
Dave Ross

I run Catalogopolis which is an API for Doctor Who episode data. Which reminds me I need to update it for this last season!

jess profile image
Jess Lee (she/her)

@zazzyzeph i feel like this is your jam

cgcnu profile image
sreenivas anyone ?

phallstrom profile image
Philip Hallstrom
ramuta profile image
Matej Ramuta

It's like OpenTable for Funeral Homes 😂

klingat profile image
Katarina Lingat

So good!

jeromehardaway profile image
Jerome Hardaway

Best. Article. Ever.

thomasg77 profile image
Thomas Gratier

Add Not as fun as most services listed here but nice to get an image with a custom size to fill blocks when prototyping

ftibi93 profile image
Faragó Tibi
wojtekidd profile image
Wojtek Cichoń

There's also this NBA API that I've bumped into lately.

malitov profile image
Pavlo Malitov

Sugar-coated lorem ipsum generator :)