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Interested in weekend project?

I have a simple project to work on this weekend. Just to brief..

A chrome extension that shows data from local storage for easy viewing & copy-paste.

While development, there is a need to get the userId, token, etc fields from the storage. This chrome extension shows a popup box at the bottom of the screen with configured keys to display from local storage. Clicking on each field copies the content to the clipboard.

To add a field, select the key from local storage, select the path to the key. ex data.userInfo.token , assign a label to it.

This is just a 1 day project..In return you might get some good feedback from developers who might like it & n+1 projects in your resume..that's all 😂

Some of my previous projects:

  • Array Builder - A free tool to visualize the output of array operations
  • Fireboard - A work tracker for software developers
  • File Ops - A VS Code extension to easily tag/alias files & quick switch between files
  • Note Box - A chrome extension to add notes/todos based on URL
  • Github Marker - A chrome extension to Favorite, Bookmark & Mark link as Read in Github

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Andronik Nazaryan

Good idea 💡