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Don't git pull, use git pull --rebase instead

Emmanouil Liakos
I'm a self-taught software engineer from Greece. Excited by the full-stack, with strong focus on JS 🤓
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Here is another quick post about a neat thing I recently learned.

Git pull

What git pull will actually do behind the scenes, is git fetch & git merge. It will fetch changes from the remote and create a new merge commit.

Git pull --rebase

What git pull --rebase will do, is git fetch & git rebase, effectively reapplying our local changes on top of the remote changes, resulting in a tidy, linear commit history, like this:


Quick tips

Tip #1: Use git config --global pull.rebase true to avoid typing the --rebase flag each time you pull 🧐

Tip #2: Don't forget that you can do all sorts of editing to your commits, before pushing them by using interactive rebase.

git rebase -i
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You can check more about this in my other post about useful git commands.

Warning: Use rebase only on local branches, as it rewrites commit history (creates new commits)!

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