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Aman Bilaiya
Aman Bilaiya

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Hacktober Fest 2020

Hey! I successfully completed my hactoberfest challenge and it was a great learning & working experience for me.

What I learned by diving into Hacktoberfest for the first time

I had fixed many issues & bugs of open source IDE and BOSS'20 website of coding blocks[]. Improving what I could, I submitted a pull request that added value to the project. This is important. The size or scope of your pull request doesn’t matter but it should provide value to the project. It was merged into the project in a few hours.

I got excited when my PR was merged, and that encouraged me to look into other issues. Also, the appreciations and the competition motivated me to do more.

Above all else, my participation is Hacktoberfest'20 has made me a better developer with a greater desire to contribute. I’ve seen that there is room in these projects for new contributors.

Contributing to projects is a great way to improve your skills, gain confidence and practice coding. While finding the right project may take a bit of searching, it will be well worth your while.

Looking forward to get my hactober badge over my github :)
Github url:-

#dev #opensource #contribute #learn #enjoy #compete

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David Dal Busco

Well done 💪

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Aman Bilaiya

Thanks David !!