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Mouzzam Tahir
Mouzzam Tahir

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Flutter or Kotlin?

I made post about starting kotlin being iOS developer. it’s not because of any external force. it is my own decision of starting something new or experimenting with something new.

So instead of going to Kotlin. is it better to go for Flutter or should i go all native and choose Flutter being a swift developer.

I like playing with newer frameworks like Mobile Machine Learning and Augmented Reality.

Please help me narrowing my decision down for Flutter or Kotlin!

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Jean-Michel 🕵🏻‍♂️ Fayard

Learning to be a native Android developer - and thus learning Kotlin - would take a lot of time. Pretty much like learning iPhone programming, possibly more.

If your goal is to get to discover a bit more the Android platform without investing lots of time in it, I would suggest Flutter.

It's written in Dart. Who cares? You would learn some Android concepts while building something on Android.

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Mathieu Grenier • Edited

I suggest you to learn Kotlin AND Flutter.

Depends what your goal:
For personal projects, start with Flutter or Kotlin
Professionnaly for Android, by general, employers mostly ask to code natively (Java or Kotlin). Flutter still young...

To become a complete mobile dev, you need to learn the most stuff possible. Y'll take better decisions yourself based the needs.

Why Kotlin And Flutter, because under Flutter, someday if you need something from Android which Flutter cant or dont have it or want something very customized, you can access Android API with Kotlin code like for iOS with Swift!
So y'll able to do that if you know Kotlin ;) But, for now Flutter can do mostly everything you need.

My two cents :)

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👨‍💻 Lucas Silva

Since you are an IOS developer, Flutter is the right way. Don't try to learn everything on your journey since time is a limited resource. Native IOS development will help you understand many things, and flutter will help you understand the process to upload an app in play store.

And, to be honest, you must already know dart, since it resembles languages like Java, TS, C and others.