MacBook Pro setup ?

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Hello everyone this is my last hope I hope that someone can help me.

I bought a 24” 1080p monitor (hp hv240a) and connected it to a MacBook Pro 15” using usb c dongle but i was shooked when i saw the quality of the text on mac it was blurry and like i am using an old monitor unlike what i saw when I connected it to a windows machine.

I need you help developers in solving that.

For your information:
I’m using latest update for the macbook.
I tried the codes in the internet.

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What happens if you connect the macbook directly to the monitor without a dongle?


I don’t have a usb c to hdmi cable yet


You didn't list information about the dongle so it's hard to find out more but I wouldn't be surprised if it's the source of the problem you're having.

Not all third party components are compatible with Apple.

These are two good places to start to find the right components:

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