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20 More Free Design Resources for Developers

In continuation of the previous post, here are 30+ more free design resources for developers.

Stock Images/Videos

  • Mixkit: Awesome Stock Video Clips, Stock Music, Sound Effects & Video Templates. All available for free!

  • Pexels: Free stock photos you can use everywhere. ✓ Free for commercial use ✓ No attribution required.

  • Unsplash: The internet’s source of freely-usable images. Powered by creators everywhere.

  • Burst: Browse thousands of beautiful copyright-free images. All our pictures are free to download for personal and commercial use, no attribution required.

  • Coverr: Beautiful Free Stock Video Footage.


  • Typewolf: Typewolf helps designers and developers choose the perfect font combination for their next design project.

  • Google Fonts: Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography.

  • FontsArena: Free fonts, free alternatives to premium fonts, done-for-you-research articles. Open startup.

  • Speak Human: Generate human centric microcopy for all purposes.

  • Font Foundry: A digital type foundry crafting retail fonts and custom typography for various brands. Sharing a passion for premium typefaces, calligraphy and lettering.



Cool IndieHackers Products

  • Scale[One new high-quality, open-source illustration each day. Use our color-picker to adapt the illustrations to your brand identity!)

  • Free Favicon Maker: Generate favicons and watch a live preview in your tab.

  • Colors and Fonts: Find colors and typography combinations ready to copy paste in one click.

As always, if you have any resources you'd like me to post in the next issue, do let me know and I'll have it included if it's suitable.

See you next time!

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Great! Tks dude

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Wow! Thank you ☺️

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You're welcome, hope you find them useful!

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Prayudi Tirta Bayu • Edited

Here I have cool stuff not listed above