Steps on making a blockchain

mohitus88 profile image Mohit Sharma ・1 min read

I want to start working with Blockchain and i have been looking up and googling up but all i find is bunch of tutorials of doing somthing which eventually tells me that i have setup a blockchain. But what i really want to know is that what am i suppose to do when working with some blockchain techonology (like hyperledger, EOSIO...etc)like what are the procedures.... how does setting up the environment and stuff goes on. Please, really need help here


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Blockchain is just similar to the linked list. In which each nodes is connected to its previous and next node using their address.


But like what are the fundamentals thing to do(or what kind of environment or dependencies required) so that i can start working on any Blockchain ?


I have built basic blockchain implementation in javascript..

Firstly you need understand how blockchain works. Blockchain is not only for currency. Blockchain is the building block of crypto currencies.You can also implement it in Financial, Hosting etc sectors. Blockchain ledger or database can be private or public. Like Crypto currency its blockchain ledger is public. And there are many more things like that


just *nix and lot of readmes from github/readthedocs.


i really appreciate your help.....i am already past this point actually.... i have done this in python though......i think i need something more than this.... i am sorry but i really do appreciate your help...thanks for that..cheers