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Introducing Moiboi-CLI, Oh and my First Post


Hey everyone, just wanted to say hi!
This is I think is my first post here after spending a quite a bit of time lurking and reading articles that have helped me progress as a developer.
Not much is on my mind today, but I wanted to share a project I've been working on called Moiboi-CLI.

Originally it was forked from the npm package boilerplate-cli, but was limited to what it could actually pull from. To make things more open I went in and removed the restriction of only pulling repos containing "boilerplate" allowing any public project to be searched and used as a starting point for quick develop, changing the name of package.json files to that of the new directory if available.

Currently I have been going in and fixing any typos and verbiage to my liking while fixing bugs and thinking of features to further improve the project (like converting it over to ES6). So if anyone decides to check it out feel free to let me know what you think might make a great addition.


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