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Create Modern Navigation Bar with logo using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap

We have seen navigation bars or top navbars in almost every website and the navbar is one of the basic things which makes the website attractive and more user-friendly (easily navigatable). The navigation bar can be of different types and different styles.

What is Navigation Bar?

The navigation bar is a UI element in the website which contains links to other sections of the same website or another website. In maximum websites, the navigation bar is displayed on almost every page of the website but this can differ.

In most websites, the navigation bar is mostly displayed as a horizontal list of links (link to different parts of the website) at the top of every page styled in such a way that it perfectly fits into the website design.

The navigation bar contains the website logo and other navigation options and a search bar too.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a simple Horizontal Navigation Bar for any website in few simple steps by just using HTML, CSS, and some Bootstrap.

Although in most of the cases the navigation bar is placed horizontally at the starting of the webpage(on top), in some cases, a horizontal navigation bar may not fit the website design, so in this type of case, we create a vertical navigation bar on the left side or right side of the website. This type of vertical navigation bar is also called a sidebar, as it appears on the side of the main content. Some websites have both a horizontal navigation bar at the top and a vertical navigation bar on the left or right side of each website.

Many other websites use a horizontal navigation bar for desktop view and a vertical navigation bar for the mobile view of their websites.

Download Source Code: Click Here {Google Drive}

Watch Video Tutorial: Click Here {YouTube}

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Kemmy Mary Omoshoro

The beauty of bootstrap is it already contains all you need for a responsive Web design,styling and the animation needed.
I like it cos one get to use less cumbersome styling with css and a long JS, it make web dev and coding more neater and faster.
Beside Boostrap has JS and Css as it background codes.
Nice work.. Using Burger-kind of Navbar. Really nice. Good work.

singfield profile image

In my Opinion, Boostrap is now so outdated. As a web developer, you should understand the basics languages of the web. Now CSS3 and JS have so many features than Boostrap.

I know It's easy to drag and drop code but It begins very very complicated when you want to modify things. ( It's paradoxical, and not a best practice, to use CSS to overload a CSS framework).

( Imagine a surgeon with mittens for a heart surgery ^^)
I suggest to use JS framework like Vue or Svelte or Nuxt.js

It's just my opinion,

Have a good day

marcknova profile image

Good job :D