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Let's Grow DEV's Cloud & DevOps Content! ☁️


I love reading the awesome content here on topics like general web dev, JavaScript, React, CSS, etc. But I am also passionate about what powers the web, like cloud infrastructure, DevOps, architecture, automation, networking, databases, and many others.

After the apparent demise of Medium, there does not seem to be a central hub for such content.

So today I would like to announce an initiative: let's make DEV the best place on the internet for not only web dev content, but cloud and DevOps content as well.

Current Status

Here is a quick overview of some popular tags and corresponding number of posts:

  • webdev: 19797 Posts Published
  • javascript: 27897 Posts Published
  • react: 10194 Posts Published

On the other hand, check out these:

  • devops: 4342 Posts Published
  • cloud: 822 Posts Published
  • aws: 2729 Posts Published

The content in the second group of tags is tiny when compared to the first group.

How to Do This

First, let's acknowledge the existing contributors in that space here. I am looking at you @andrewbrown , @david_j_eddy , @helenanders26 , @tlakomy , @david_ojeda , @flippedcoding , @softchris , @adnanrahic , and so many others (sorry if I missed mentioning you). You guys have been creating amazing content that has been so helpful and inspiring for others, including me.

Second, we need to find and reach out to creators and bloggers in that space and invite them to join us here. Many have their own blogs and websites but they can share their content here. In return, they will get higher readership and will be able to make a much bigger positive impact by sharing their knowledge. It is a win-win!

Call to Action

So help me out here. Can you comment below on who you think would make a good contributor, and maybe we can reach out to them and invite them to join us?

Let's invite those awesome bloggers and thought-leaders in that space (as well as beginners and learners of course) and encourage them to be active on DEV, and hopefully they'll bring their readers/followers as well.

Together we can grow the community. Who's on board?

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Mark Nunnikhoven

💯 agree! Check out the AWS Heroes (key community members, not AWS employees) team who are already active here and publishing regularly:

loujaybee profile image
Lou (🚀 Open Up The Cloud ☁️)

Ah, that's neat !