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Looking for feedback on a search app for NPM and Github

Whenever I look for an NPM package, I always search it in Google which would lead me to NPM where I'd find its documentation and downloads per week to know how popular it is but that doesn't suffice. Usually I'd also checkout its Github repo to find out the amount of times its been forked and number of stars and watchers. I'd also like to check out how many issues it has to judge its stability and how frequently commits happen to figure out that it's alive and not in limbo. That comes down to 5 steps and still I'll have to install it and try it out before I can confirm I can really use it.

What if you can cut off all these steps and do it with just 1 click. Introducing LibStack.

LibStack searches for packages across NPMJS registry and Github and provides results with consolidated info from both platforms. Here's the page you land into when you follow the above link:

LibStack home page

Once you type a package name and submit, the app takes you to the search results page where for every result the app displays all the stats -- number of stars on Github, downloads per week, watchers, number of forks and bugs reported in Github.

LibStack search page

As you click on one of the results, the app navigates to a detailed view which along with stats displays the documentation of the package. In addition to that it also opens up a coding playground with a snippet for the user to play with before downloading and installing the package. This code snippet is grabbed from the Github repo of the package.

LibStack repo page

This summarizes all the features I've developed so far in LibStack. I'd like to keep working on LibStack and make it more usable but before I do that I'd like to get feedback from the people for whom this product is all about.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions and I'd make sure they get heard by myself πŸ˜„.

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