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Top Tips If You Want To Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is currently a very popular language of choice for code beginners, so I wanted to share some of the top tips for anyone looking to give it a go!

Easy to start

One of the best things about JavaScript is how easy it is to get started! You don’t need a server or any expensive software.

There are even tools like Codepen, JSFiddle and CodeSandbox which allow you to do it all directly in your browser.

Programming Principles

It’s important to start with the basic principles of programming. Understanding how programming works and what tools are available to you (variables, loops, functions, etc.) will help you learn not just JavaScript but any programming language.

Build Foundations

Don’t jump straight into using frameworks and libraries. You should always start by learning plain JavaScript first. This will set you up with good foundations and make learning frameworks easier.


As with any other skills, you will only get better with practice! Even while you’re still learning make sure you always have small projects so you can practice what you learn.

You can watch and read all the tutorials in the world but if you don’t actually write some code, you will never improve.


Reading other people’s codes is just as important as writing your own. Try looking at scripts written by others and see if you can understand it. You might even pick up some new techniques!


Build and improve your code progressively. Start by just making it work and then go back and make improvements.

This will help you spot and fix things like repetition in your code and apply that knowledge next time.

Don’t compare

Lastly, don’t compare yourself to others! Everyone learns in different ways and at different speeds.

Instead, track your progress by looking through your older code to see your personal progression and how you have improved.

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