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Being a Web Developer - Getting Started

Do you know that:

When building a website, you work with three languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JS). Broadly speaking: HTML defines the content which will appear on the page, CSS defines the visual style of the page, and JS defines the interactive behaviors of the page.

We describe having these sets of skills as being a "front-end" developer. You use three languages to create pages inside a web browser like Safari, Firefox, Edge or Chrome. Given how popular the web is for commerce and information sharing, there is a massive demand for people who are good at using these three languages.

Related to the role of being a "front-end" developer is the set of skills for the "back-end" developers, which are to create computer services that communicate either to a web browser (by passing it HTML/CSS/JS) or to another service (by sending data more directly.) You don't need to use HTML, CSS or JS to write this type of code, but it's usually an end-product of your work because it is likely to be presented in a web browser.

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