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JavaScript developers, what was it like to start learning Python?

mrshawnhum profile image Shawn Humphreys ・1 min read

I have always been fond of the thought of learning Python and the possibilities it brings. Not only can you incorporate Python to web development or learn data science, but you can also learn Python if you are interested in other technologies such as AI or machine learning.

Currently, I have been focused on mastering React, but would like to hear from other JavaScript developers what is it like to start learning Python? Are you currently using python along with React/Vue/etc? What were some of the best/worst things about Python coming from a JavaScript developer?

Thank you guys in advance for discussing with me and I look forward to all your stories!


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I had Python classes in high school this year, and two things I can't get used to are len(someString), and calling join on string instead of an array with that string being an argument. Other than that, things went rather smoothly for me. Oh, and calling arrays lists.


I am in for some trouble 😅 did you work on any projects in high school for Python?


Just fairly simple coding problems and algorythms, nothing fancy. Those were boring classes (for me at least). And still, I'd prefer to stick with JS for the time being


I haven't used Python with some of the mentioned frameworks but I what I can say is that Python has a steep learning curve. I would not start with a web project. With Python its much fun to work with strings and files.
Check out Kalle Hallden


I love his videos! I accidentally started binge-watching some of his videos off of a recommended video.


My thought is, in Python, it's often not about the language, but the libraries. (Which are actually sometimes C/C++ bindings, not real Python.)

But there are indeed good practices you should learn from, e.g. PEP8, pylint. Also, I have been using effectivepython.com/

I personally don't think Python is a good language to start learning algorithms...


My take on python is it’s easy to learn, hard to master. I find the idioms and features take a while to learn. Example is array[-1] returning the last item in an array. In most languages this is an out of range exception but in python it’s the pythonic way t retrieve the last item. There’s typically only one obvious way to do something but it’s not always so obvious. 😂😂


I thought it will be the same or harder than Python. Think for best prepare for worst. You can easily manage it, and be skilled after some time. Basically you already have perception of understanding coding. I did not. It was a rough path. More over I can advise you to do what I did. I researched a lot of time, because of doubts, you will have answer faster. Go to spotoclub.com/ they do Cisco certificate courses. They helped me a lot a long they way. More over I felt the professionalism and comfort they had to me, because on one answer I had 3-5 question more. It was hard experience I need to go with. But again I was a noob in this field, if I managed to understand it. You can do it even easier. Wish you luck.


"Think for best prepare for worst" I like that line! I could definitely agree that if you have a good understanding of one language, all the other languages get easier to learn as you already have the mindset and the foundationals needed.


I was a python developer first so for me JavaScript was super weird.


It can be! I started JavaScript so I have been use to it's benefits and flaws.


I will say coming into both languages with no background in coding I’m finding Python much easier to pickup than JS


That is what I been hearing lately! Only getting me more excited 😂