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Open source gardening

Hi gardeners and developers!

I plan to start a garden and, as I'm a total newbie in the domain, I thought that an application should help in the process...

I can haz some app to...

  • be able to draw or place elements (trees, patches, living things) on a drawing of my garden
  • be able to plan actions on the different elements
  • have a TODO list

So I started to write an app to do all these things.

Here comes Garden Party

And now, something came out of a few weeks of lock-down codingβ„’: Garden Party. A Ruby on Rails application with some VueJS and OpenLayers. And a documented API.

The project is small for now but OpenSource, under the MIT license.

Feel free to use, create your own instance and/or contribute; constructive reviews are welcome.

A few things to note:

  • Interface is in french; an English translation is ready, I only have to implement a button to switch languages (and the associated action);
  • Content is in french, as are the development seeds. Some database rework is needed to support translated content. Additionally, I think that gardening is kind of region-related: people from [not-growing-kiwis-area] don't grow kiwis... Issues are here to discuss about this :)
  • API authentication is cookie-based :/
  • I'm bad on UI/UX things
  • I have a lot of ideas for new features


Technical notes

If you're developing a Rails+VueJS application, these few points may give you some ideas for your projects:

A rake task generates

  • JavaScript "models", used by VueX to add some sugar to entities
  • VueX modules based on models

This really helps, as writing VueX stores is a repetitive chore to write (a bit less when it's dynamically created).

There are custom scaffolding generators

  • for API controllers.
  • for admin area controllers and views.

Swagger documentation is generated during RSpec tests (it validates API outputs and builds the swagger reference file).

The test suite is RSpec + Cucumber + linters and Brakeman; I'm working on Jest tonight to write some components tests.


"Map" view where you place things (Picture is a render from SweetHome3D)
Screenshot_2020-12-09 Garden Party

Inventory view, with a quick look of the placed resources
Screenshot_2020-12-09 Garden Party(1)

Todo list
Screenshot_2020-12-09 Garden Party(2)

It works with OpenStreetMap... maps
Screenshot_2020-12-09 Garden Party(3)

Screenshot_2020-12-09 Garden Party(5)

Thank you for getting to the end of this post!

For all the incorrect English formulations, I'm also open to comments to fix them

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Manuel Tancoigne

People asked me some usage documentation, so here it is:

It's in french for now.