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mtrivera profile image Miguel T Rivera ・1 min read

I couldn't think of anything to write this week, but thought I would post a general update:

1) I've been learning Python🐍 and it's been going well. Currently, learning about Strings, next up is Lists.

2) Decided to begin my React Native project. I'm not sure how it will go, but want to finish it before November. I'll attempt to document the process, so keep an eye out.

3) Recently bought Atomic Design by Robert Frost. I plan to post a review of it soon.

4) I was awarded a copy of Learn Eleventy from Scratch by Andrew Bell. Furthermore, I'll post a review of this course too. Stay tuned.

Time management and planning will be key to this being successful. Good luck everyone!

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Cat Tax: Miss Meow Meow

NOTE: My desk isn't messy anymore :)

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