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What is SDK ?

An SDK is a set of software tools and programs used to create apps for specific platforms or programming languages.

What's inside an SDK ?
SDKs include tools that developers can used and integrate into their own apps, such as:

  • Ready- made pieces of libraries

  • API's

  • Code Samples

  • Documentation

  • Process Workflow

  • Runtime/ development environment and guides. etc

Why should we use an SDK ?
Software Development Kits help add functionality to your apps. SDKs make building standard components of your app faster and easier. SDKs allow developers to build applications without writing every line of code from scratch.

SDKs are used for simple functions, Like Logging in, location services, mobile payment, inside analytics and more.

Thus, you would need an Android SDK toolkit to build an Android App. an IOS SDK to build an IOS App and use SDKs for backend as well.

Example of SDKs are:
Segment, firebase, analytics, braze, facebook and so on.

What factor would be checked ?
What are the factors, that would be checked after integrating SDKs.

  • Licensed: SDK should be licensed [for most of part].

  • Documentation: An SDK should include clear documentation of code and sample examples.

  • Uniformity: An SDKs features and methods should be uniform to work on cross platforms.

  • Use of Resource: SDK shouldn’t affect your app’s performance negatively, maximum functionality and minimum resource usage should be ideal.

  • Transparency: SDK should be transparent with what it is doing, what data capture on background and also with permissions.

  • Update: SDKs should be compatible with latest OS versions and architecture.

  • Security: SDKs must be safe from malware or leaked unsupported data.

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Mia Christ

Finally I found one of the best pieces about SDKs. Actually, I am working with new batch of computer sciences students and it is little hard to provide them better understanding of Software Development Kits. Last week, I have share this source with them to understand SDKs but now I found your content more easy to understand.

But yes, the article that I mentioned about better share the uses. Can I also get credible resources that talk about the pros and cons of using popular SDKs like Firebase, CleverTap and Braze etc?