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Wait your White-Ice

Today i was listening to a new episode of 'developer Tea' Podcast. At first look the topic was not-interesting in a way that i cannot resist changing the podcast player. But as an ODC holder i developed a habit of finishing whatever I've started.

So i shutdown my innervoices and kept listening to the podcast.

I really thanks god for not skipping this episode. The narrator was talking about something very very important in my point of view. He started with describing the water-freezing process, Yea you read it right and the smile you developed is the same as mine when i was in your shoes back then 3 to 4 hours ago.

The Water-freezing process:
imagine putting a glass of water in a transparent refrigerator, and now imagine yourself sitting in front of it. At first hour nothing really happens to the water but in your scientific mind your ideas now telling you that the heat of the water is decreasing. For the second hour nothing will happen as well the third and fourth hours. But you still waiting and the heat still decreasing unit by unit , degree after a degree.

After a while almost 6 hours of sitting in the same place. you suddenly noticed the White-Ice started to appear.

and after 6 hours of non-noticeable change the ICE appeared as it came out of nowhere.

where is your ice

This is what Continues Work Meaning. You keep up the good , hard work. While no one notice anything even you don't. But suddenly the white Ice will appear as a result of your patience , continues , gritty work.

Please keep up the good work , and have patience to see your Ice.

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