My first react application

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Made my first React + Node project, please take a look at:

Planning to make more changes to the UI design. Going to use google mdl. If you are interested in sending a pull request with UI design improvements, github repository:

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Hey, I wanted to push my design proposition to your repo but it says "access denied". Are you sure you allow pull requests?



Did you fork the project? You have to fork it first, you can't push code into my repo.

Here's a tutorial:

Create a new branch for the changes, feature/ui-beautify for example.


It's just me being silly as I forgot that... 🙄 Thanks :P


If possible add two different branches, one for changes in landing page and another of chat page. Send two different pull requests.


Welp, I'll send one as I needed to change a bit files structure... :<


Hey, I'm not sure how you build the projects as I can't see any webpack configuration. Did you think about adding SCSS to the project?


It looks like it's bootstrapped with create-react-app.

He used yarn (as you see yarn.lock file in the project), so you should be able to just do yarn start or yarn build (to build)


Oh I know how to start it up 😂 I meant how he deployed it. I just thought about adding SCSS :P


I did not think of adding scss.

I used create-react-app to develop and build and gh-pages npm module to deploy the application to my github project page.

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