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Mursal Furqan Kumbhar
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Generate Random Gradients for HTML

Lately, I had been a bit away from active development, which had a really adverse effect on my coding, programming and logic building skills. So now I am trying to come out of that phase, which is keeping me away from coding.
Here is React Application I created today. I know it's a pretty dumb application as it only gives you a random gradient as output, along with the ability to copy the gradient code to your clipboard if needed, and also tells you the specs of that particular gradient on your screen. I have also integrated React-Toasts to notify the user about the status of your copy-to-clipboard request.

Being an avid open-source contributor, I couldn't help but upload the code to GitHub and share it with the world. Attaching links to code and live demonstration as well.

Live Demo:

Below is also attached a short demonstration video for the project.

P.S. I am trying to better my coding techniques. So if you find anything worth sharing about my code do share openly ❤ I am open to all constructive suggestions. Also, do show your love by following me on GitHub and by sharing this piece of code with others.

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Woah that is cool!