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Stella Mwanahamuntu
Stella Mwanahamuntu

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Preparing for my Microsoft Exam 70-480

Hey Devs,
I am junior and self taught developer, most of my experience being with WordPress. I love working in the frontend.

I was fortunate enough to be hired way before I had ever written a line of code but unfortanately, in my country certifications kind of truimph experience so in the event that I lose my job, it would mean I stay jobless.

This story's happy ending starts before the actual end. MY BOSS IS PAYING FOR MY MICROSOFT CERTIFICATION!!! so yeah, I will be documenting everything I learn and I hope this series will serve as a helpful resource for anyone else pursuing the course in the future.

I will try to upload posts consistently, atleast once a week. Most of what I will be sharing will probably be from freecodecamp and w3schools but more curated and edited to my own understanding.

Let's get started with what the topics I will be covering in this series.

Implement and Manipulate Document Structures and Objects

  1. Create the Document Structure by using HTML
  2. Write Code that Interacts with UI Controls
  3. Apply Styling to HTML Elements Programmatically
  4. Implement HTML5 APIs
  5. Establish the Scope of Objects and Variables
  6. Create and Implement Objects and Methods

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Nice. All the best with the Exam. What are some of the benefits of taking this exam and how does it compare to other frontend courses?