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Jekyll - Turn your static files into static websites

Discovered recently, Jekyll is a really cool tool that will easily help you create a blog or static website!

As we can see in the Jekyll showcase, we can find really cool websites like :

Alt Text

What are the advantages of Jekyll?

  • Easy to use
  • Markdown-based
  • A lot of free themes are available
  • You can easily use it with Github Pages to publish your site or blog for free!

Why Jekyll rather all the other tools to generate a site from markdown?

Generally, the other tools which generates static websites from markdown are made for documentation purpose.

Jekyll will allow you to create a blog.

So if you want to have a static website for your documentation, maybe Jekyll is not the best choice.

About how to install it and how to use it, please go check the website of jekyll which contains all what you need.


I hope it will help you!

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