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Leaflet - or how to make interactive maps

When I'm working with maps with Javascript, a tool that I really like is Leaflet.

Why? Because it's really easy to start with, and if you want you can do a lot of cool things!

Starting with Leaflet


To start with Leaflet, you just need 3 things :

  • do the imports
    • import the css and the scripts
  • define a div which will contains the map
    • A div block with a width and a height
  • Initialize the map

Starting to play!

The first thing you can do is add a marker to your map !

var marker = L.marker([51.5, -0.09]).addTo(mymap);
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This little line of code is enough!

Then you can add circles, polygons and popup!

Go further

If you are interested, in the Leaflet website there are a lot of tutorials to do more things with the library.

Why using Leaflet?

First, it's an opensource project! So it's a perfect entry for some POCs or first projects!

Second, the library offers a lot of functionalities with are enough for a lot of projects.

Then, it's an opensource project! So if you are looking for some specific functionalities, you can develop it and share with the community!


I hope it will help you!

This post is based on the leaflet website and their tutorial.

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