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Maxime Guilbert

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Windows Terminal - The end of multiple terminal windows

These last days, I was tired to had 5 PowerShell terminals in differents windows to do what I need.

And I discover it.

Windows Terminal

Oh damn, I just so happy to discover it! Until I search for it, I've never heard about it!

So now, I can have multiple PowerShell terminals in the same windows with tabs!


Go check the links if you are curious/interested for!


Windows Terminal can be customized! So if you want to change the colors, just go to the official documentation, they have an entire section about it!

If you check in depth the official documentation, you will also have a lot of elements to understand how to use the tool, customize actions...

I hope it will help you!

Don't hesitate to give some feedback to help me to improve my writing skills. Thanks!

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