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CI/CD Explained in 6 minutes

Davide 'CoderDave' Benvegnù
DevOps Architect @ Microsoft 👨‍💻 • YouTuber @ CoderDave 🎥 • Ex MMA fighter 🥊
・1 min read

What is CI/CD? What are the concepts behind Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Delivery?

These are the question we are going to answer Today! I'm going to explain the CI/CD core concepts, so you'll understand what Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment are, in just 6 minutes.

This is an introduction to CI/CD that will give you a clear idea of what they are.

I will also cover how the teams do CI CD in GitHub.


Here you have the video with the whole explanation.

Enjoy the watch :)

Link to the video:

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