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Nachiket Panchal
Nachiket Panchal

Posted on

Angular in Few Words

Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source front-end framework for single-page applications developed by Google.

Where to develop Angular App?

We can install Angular using Nodejs into our Windows/Linux/macOS machine.

Which are the important concepts of Angular?

Here are some important concepts of Angular you must learn to be a good angular developer.

Components, Interpolation, Property Binding, Class Binding, Style Binding, Event Binding, Template Reference Variables, Two-way Data Binding, ngFor Directive, ngIf Directive, ngSwitch Directive, Pipes, Routes, Wild Card Routes, Routing Parameters, Forms

I hope now you know What is angular, Where to develop it, and Which are the most important concepts to be understood while learning Angular. You can learn the full Angular Tutorial at

Top comments (2)

abdallahsafi profile image

Can you be more descriptive ?
Share your full knowledge not just a keywords

lukeshiru profile image
Luke Shiru

Fewer words: There are better tools.

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