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Time for an Organisation Defrag

For those old enough to remember the days where you would close your eyes before starting the disk defragging process, go and make a coffee, the entire time fingers crossed in the hope that you still had a working computer when you came back.

Over that last couple of years, moving organisations IT estate to a new agile, rapid and responsive design and solutions has felt a little like that.

Actually, organic growth of an organisations IT estate is very similar to the problem disk defragging fixes; siloed applications, poor performance, misused space, delays, and nobody wants to change or fix anything due to fear.

So, what can the now practised discipline of disk defragging teach us about changing our organisation?


Understanding the problem is critical. First thing first, you need to completely define and catalogue the estate you are trying to change. Without understanding the interaction between applications you will never be able to define how to get them efficient.


Now that we have a catalogue and definition of how the estate interacts we can define the priority of change based on several parts of your organisation ethos; the appetite for risk, time available to implement change and current understanding of application in question.


Our advice, start small!! Now that we have identified and prioritised the problem we need to fix you need to understand if the team and organisation are ready for it. Start with a simple, well-understood application that has a tangible impact on the day to day running of the business and start a small team to improve all or part of it. From here, it's a publicity machine... Create rapid success, shout about it and continue to push.

So, how can help?

Getting investment for large-scale change can be difficult but this is where we come in. To test the concept and start to move your organisation into an agile and responsive business alphie can be that stepping stone to prove the process while knowing you can scale as required. Our platform service lets you start your team tomorrow and deliver rapidly all at minimal cost.

Become part of that change by registering @ and get 14 days free - no credit card or anything required to register.

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