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Trending extensions on Microsoft Edge Add-ons

Microsoft Edge is rapidly growing as a preferred browser, thanks to its lower resource consumption, stronger security and innovative features.

In addition to organizing your research with collections, working efficiently with vertical tabs, taking back control with tracking prevention, you can also personalize your Microsoft Edge browser by downloading add-ons or extensions. Add-ons can enhance your browser experience and boost your productivity. For example, you can personalize your browser with themes, organize your work with performance tools, earn cashback on your preferred shopping sites and do much more with add-ons.

We at the Microsoft Edge Addons team constantly monitor all addons in our catalog, so that we can ensure there is a good mix of addons for various user needs, and our catalog does not have malicious addons.

When reviewing the usage trends of addons, we found that a few addons were highly popular with our users, in the last one month. Here are those trending add-ons:

1. Dynatrace Real User Monitoring:

Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation.


This add-on from Dynatrace can help you gain user experience insights into the performance of your SaaS applications. You can get comprehensive information directly from the browser about your users’ interaction with SaaS applications and ensure availability of all aspects of your business-critical SaaS solutions.

2. Flash Player 2021:

This add-on by uses ruffle emulator, remove "Adobe Flash Player is blocked" message and allow you to play Flash in any website. The emulator has limited support for ActionScript 3 and may not work with all Flash content.

3. HttpWatch:

This add-on is designed to work with the HttpWatch software on Windows. Currently the tool is Windows only and requires a separate download from HttpWatch to complete the installation once the Add-on is installed.

HttpWatch supports multi-page debugging by grouping requests by page and automatic recording and logging of network traffic in each Edge tab without additional user intervention. It displays warnings about well know performance and security issues. The Find and Filter functions make it easier to locate requests or content.

You can directly email HWL or HAR files from within the tool and the tool masks out passwords in POST form data so that they are not recorded in HWL or HAR files

You can add comments to requests to help subsequent analysis of log files and the tool supports built-in summaries of page level statistics. e.g. bytes downloaded, network round trips, etc.

4. ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader:

ImageAssistant Add-on by Pullwyood is an image extractor for sniffing, analyzing and downloading images from web page, it allows you to easily extract images loaded by flash or ajax.

5. Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Outlook browser add-on allows you to access your Outlook work account or your or Hotmail account without switching to another tab or app.

This add-on's features help you manage contacts, access work or personal accounts, manage emails and get new email notifications. You can create events, view upcoming ones and join online meetings. This also helps you create, track and manage tasks.

6. Video downloader - CocoCut:

Video Downloader add-on help you download video or audio of any formats. You need not to register to use this add-on and it’s free to use.

Features include preview the video, check video size, format, and choose the quality before downloading them.

This Add-on is a HLS streaming downloader. It can detect M3U8 files and download the TS files from them. All HLS streaming will be downloaded and merged into MP4.

You can download the Live broadcasts and videos that are difficult to download by recording them.

We'd love to hear your experience and feedback using the above extensions. Please comment and let us know what other extensions would you like us to feature.

Thank you!

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Tony Confrey

I recently added BrainTool to the Add-on Store and am getting some good feedback. It works especially well with Edge's vertical tabs. I'd love to see it on your trending list!

Overall I had a good experience with the store admin process, gotta wonder why the reviews are all geo-fenced though!