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Application Performance Scalability to Success Session 2

nakib_juris profile image Nakib #Azure ・1 min read

Currently performance is critical matter for a team or company to maintain in application."techforum" is gonna arranging a series of event on application performance development. Performance is not a jock that we can start form any where of ALM (Application Development Life Cycle ).It supposed to be think from very early stage of software development not only front end but also back end.

We've started event journey form database end, gradually it will touch Architecture,front end application, middle ware , Backend ,Performance testing, Deployment environment and so on.
Most experience having track record on working large enterprise application development escapist will on board on the series of events .Session are:

1.Azure DevOps :Continuous Development (C/D)
2.Performance Practice and guide line at Architecture level

  1. Azure Synapses
  2. Windows Virtual Desktop

Notes : More details with be shared soon

How to Join on webinar ?
Tools : Microsoft Team Live- Team Apps. is available

Steps to join:
1 .Copy link to Browser : ( * shared later)

  1. Click "watch on web instead" if don't have Team Apps installed
  2. Join as Anonymous ( login optional )

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Here is our event link: Webinar's Live Event Link :