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Why I'm starting a blog?

I've never been a keen reader, nor was I writing somehow. Linguistics has always been one of my deficiencies. But now, I'm going to start a blog. Sounds paradox, it is.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now - Chinese proverb

Over the last year, I made experiences and developments that convinced me to do this. I want to give two insights of mine to draw a picture of what first dissatisfied me and finally persuaded me.

Last summer, I started some online curriculum in programming. I wanted to graduate on a specific goal/course. There were four classes to pass, each scheduled for four months at 10 hours of studying per week. Proudly achieving my ambitious goal, I recognized that I was on the fast track. Unfortunately, I applied my habitual study style rooted in my times at school/university. I focused just on finishing projects. Certification was the purpose, not the knowledge. I had never learned a proper way to study.
Too many things I need to look up. Of course, regular and more often use of the new knowledge will stop that, and I'm now able to look up things related to an issue. But I'm convinced there is a more effective way of learning.

At the same time, I spent a several hours a day listening to podcasts and reading stuff about Bitcoin. A new passion. I soaked up all information I could find about it. When listening and reading several facts were perspicuous and some need more investigation. With time I built a solid understanding but trying to share my new knowledge was far more complicated. I remembered basic facts but was not able to connect all the dots to convey the whole picture.
I recognized again that I must figure out a method to improve my learning strategy.

The solution I'm looking for is writing. Re-writing is rethinking. It's the opportunity to reflect on new information and build a stronger fundamental. Through writing, I'm going to improve and deepen my learning and understanding.


But why doing in public through a blog? Because I want to have some skin in the game. It forces me to be clean. The double-checking of my works accelerates the learning process even more. And hopefully, I can attract like-minded intellectual sparring partners, who are willing to question, criticize, and pressure test my thinking.

Finally, my challenge is on. My first Blog is done. More to come ...

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Andrew Baisden

Writing is such an expressive medium thats why its so great for learning.

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