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When Plans don't Last

nananananate profile image Nathaniel Louis Tisuela ・2 min read

I'm pretty new to things. I'm a college student who, unfortunately, is still lacking in real-world experience. From personal branding to creating web applications, I find myself trying to plan far into the future. I want what I do now to be sustainable as things change, and scalable as things get bigger.

However, I keep finding that the plans I invested in not too long ago need change. The work I did before seems to be for naught.

My mess-ups

Would've been nice to have one username for all this jazz

Working on my own personal branding has unearthed problems. Small things, they add up. I wish I used my full name on this media platform, or I wish I had published that project under this link. I've missed the opportunity to streamline how people get to know me by staying under one familiar name.

When I started all those accounts, I thought I was thinking about the future. My planning wasn't thorough.


import marshmallow
import pydantic
import graphene

The biggest personal project I've worked on is CourseCake.

I thought I had read up enough about Flask, knew enough about python to go ahead with the project and not expect major rewrites. In each rewrite I made, I tried to plan better. But I still found myself making huge changes -- whether it be for better user interaction or scalability, I believed in my head that this was the last change.

This led me to a question: Is excessive planning bad for productivity? The time I've spent rewriting could have gone towards building cool, useful, new features.

I'm learning that I'm learning

I find myself asking the wrong question. It's not Planning vs Productivity, it's me vs The Problem.

The big thing about me is that my mind is small -- I don't know enough. I make mistakes that are costly, but that's learning. These mistakes I made aren't so much about planning, but not knowing enough. They could have been avoided had I taken the time to explore new things and networked with the right people.

So yeah, I hope that as I gain experience, my plans will become more sturdy.

Peace with Uncertainty

As a programmer, I want to be able to anticipate all the problems. I want to write all the test cases I can with 100% coverage. This COVID-19 season has taught me there are just things you can't anticipate -- you need to be willing to change.

This is the part that is beyond development. I don't like the fact that the plans I made of where I'd be today were so far off the reality. And I don't like the possibility that my plans can fall through again. But this is the reality, and in the scope of things, I'm doing ok.

Not sure how this is for a first blog post, but I want to push my thought processes out there, even if it's only for my own processing.

Peace be with you~


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Muhammad Jawad Hussain

Try something new, but small and safe. ...
When you mess up, don't see it as painful failure. ...
See the wonder and opportunity in change. ...
Ask “what's the worst-case scenario”? ...
Develop a change toolset. ...
Become aware of your clinging. ...
See the downsides of clinging.
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Nathaniel Louis Tisuela Author

Been definitely trying to shift my perspective of mistakes as learning opportunities -- at this stage of my life, that's what they really are.

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Nathaniel Louis Tisuela Author

The last quote hits pretty deep