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Francesco Napoletano
Francesco Napoletano

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I published two books last week and you can publish a book too!

Ok, so this was the plan last monday morning:

  • I have a one week long holiday (at home, thanks Covid-19) with my wife working in the other room (no kids or pets around)
  • I'm a programmer (they pay me to program, so I must be good)
  • I want to achieve "something" by the end of the week
  • I want to do something "print related"

Spoiler: I have two books published on Amazon!


Yes, you got it. I've published two books on Amazon in less than a week. More specifically two sudoku puzzle books:


I didn't want to publish just another app. I choose something you can print and touch. A book was the best choice.


If you follow me you've probably read this post:

So, I've used a Sudoku generator in a little PHP app to generate HTML books. Then I created the "master" PDF file for my book with Weasyprint and a cover with

I've spent a couple of days fine-tuning my PDF and then I was ready.

The final book and cover were uploaded to the Amazon KDP platform, et voilà, my books were ready to be printed on demand! No ebook as I said, a real book!

You can publish a book (or an ebook) too!

So, what's blocking you? You can easily publish (and sell) a book in a matter of minutes. Your blog posts and tutorials, your ideas, your puzzles, your personal diary or that novel about dinosaurs that work as programmers.

We all have something to say. This time were Sudokus, but I'll probably publish something more in the next weeks!

Will I make money?

I don't know and I don't care. The achievement was really what I was looking for (at least for now).

If you have any question, just ask in the comments section!

My two books

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anzelika profile image

I'm not a fan of sudokus, but I must praise that cover design! It is so utterly CUTE I want to start doing sudokus. Almost! :D

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Francesco Napoletano

I have to say “thank you” to ;)

I’m not really into design!

anzelika profile image

Too honest for your own good! :D