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Nick Scialli (he/him)
Nick Scialli (he/him)

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Foundational JavaScript Concepts Through Short Tutorial Videos

I started making short tutorial videos to learn foundational JavaScript concepts! The first five are listed below. I would love to know what other concepts you might think I should include!

Callbacks, Promises, and Async-Await in JavaScript

JavaScript touts asynchronous programming as a feature. In this video, we explore callbacks, promises, and async-await to handle async programming.

First Class Functions in JavaScript

JavaScript has first-class functions. What does this mean and why is it important?

An Introduction to Test-Driven Development in JavaScript

In this video, we write some JavaScript code the TDD way.

An Introduction to Pure Functions in JavaScript

Pure function is one of those terms that might be intimidating at first, but the concept is actually quite simple. In this video, we define what pure functions are and why they're good.

An Introduction to Memoization in JavaScript

Memoization is an optimization technique used in many programming languages to reduce the number of redundant, expensive function calls.

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Helder Burato Berto

Great article! Thanks for the share.