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Zachary Amiton
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A better way to write report cards

As a teacher kid, the entire report card process has never sat right with me. It's like clockwork: every few months, I'd see my parents pour hours into ever-so-slightly tweaking the same few sentences, poring over paragraphs to correct pronouns, transfer grades and comments into Veracross...the list of tedious tasks stretches on.

Thus, over the past few months, I've been working on RPG, a report card generator that integrates with Google Sheets, Excel, and Veracross to expedite the entire report-writing process. Sure, it's far from perfect—there are a fair few features I'm trying to add before my first release, and I have my hands full trying to iron out some pesky bugs—but I'm rather proud of it!

RPG gave me an opportunity to branch out further into Python and begin taking a look at Qt, a framework I plan to keep using in the future. But, more than that, it was my first project aimed at an audience that wasn't myself, and it's been super exciting to see the value my family (and teachers) have been getting from it!

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Ahmed Bankole

You took a wise step by learning Qt