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"Improve Your Online Presence" by Catalin Pit [Book Review]

When I started using Twitter in 2010 I did not know what works on Twitter and what does not. I knew it will be tough to gain followers without a clear strategy and the tools to grow.

Only when I used Twitter more active and focused in February 2020, I learned what attracts and engages followers and how to build a community. I still remember seeing Catalin's account the first time and then all over my feed every day. He was and is doing something right.

Looking at my account now, I feel like I do a pretty good job. But when Catalin announced he will publish an eBook with the title "Improve Your Online Presence" I knew I want to read it to improve my social media skills even more.

Among other inspiring people, he invited me to read his book pre-release. So I took the chance and read it. It contains lots of information, tips, and examples Catalin learned in the last few months. He writes what he does and does what he writes. That's what caught me because I could instantly tell that I have seen him doing what he described in the book.

Among other topics, the book contains useful tips about how to present yourself on Twitter and LinkedIn, and how to prepare and publish engaging content. Catalin also shares some of his numbers in the book.

The expertise he shares with you could help you improve your online presence on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Why does improving your online presence matter? From my experience, the results of a good online presence are worth the investment. Here are some key benefits:

  • Share your work with your audience for free
  • get to know and exchange ideas with inspiring people find new friends
  • ask a wide range of people for their opinion
  • help others and gain a reputation for being helpful
  • opportunities (find a new job, become a speaker,โ€ฆ)
  • and much more

I learned a lot from reading his eBook and it may help you too. So head over to Gumroad, read more about the content and buy the book.

If you like "Improve Your Online Presence", and want to learn more about improving your online presence and grow your Twitter audience, I recommend you buy How to get followers on Twitter by Danny Thompson too.

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Petros Kyriakou

Hey just an FYI the link to the ebook is broken