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Reasons why you should switch from Windows to Linux for development

There are a many reasons to choose desktop Linux over Windows, i'll try to be as direct as possible.

It's free

Microsoft will force you to upgrade to Windows 8.1/10 which means you’ll have to spend around ₦43,500.00 just for the OS, although you can get the crack versions which might not be safe because of malicious pre-built applications in the CD-ROM

Linux OS, on the other hand, is completely free and powered by the open source. If you choose to switch to Linux, you save at least a thousand Naira. Sounds good enough a reason, ain’t it?

Application Store

Most of the desktop Linux OS have their own "app store" or "software repository" just like playstore on android devices, you can easily find games, apps and other tools for work there and from a secure source.

Windows also have an application store but most applications are not free, although the applications on windows store are much advanced or better than linux, but free and open is often better than paid in most cases.

Better updating process

Windows updates are real pain. First Windows will notify that you have system updates. When you install them, it will be configured at shutdown time at a pace that even a tortoise can beat. You will be told to “preparing to configure Windows, do not shutdown your system” and the wait is eternal. And that’s not the end. At the next boot, it will again be configuring the updates. Moreover, the software and applications installed in Windows provide their updates separately. Remember Java, Adobe, VSCode and iTunes updates pop up?

Updates in Linux is a like a cool breeze. You will be regularly notified that updates are available. And these updates include not just system and security updates but available updates for different applications installed. Unlike Windows, you won’t have to wait at shutdown or start time. Updating in desktop Linux is a matter of one click.
or you can run the upgrade and update command.

Drivers included and free

As a Windows user, you must have struggled with drivers. This always happen to me anytime i want to work on an application that requires extra configuration, finding the correct driver for your system was a difficult task for me. I remember, I had several drivers folders in my external backup disk as I did not want to waste time looking for the audio, video or wireless drivers, then i found it hard to download files through the internet. But with Linux, most of these drivers are supported directly by the Linux kernel. Which means its more like plug and play for Linux, no struggling with drivers, largely.

For example what one will usually do with a clean installation of windows is to install the necessary drivers some drivers come from driver pack and most of the drivers are too large to download, the funniest thing is that when a driver fails to install or when the internet is slow, the whole installation process will start afresh, that's a difficult thing to keep up with especially here in Nigeria where data is somehow a problem.

Community support

Probably the best thing about Linux is the Linux community. You will never feel alone in Linux world. Apart from numerous Linux how-to blogs, just drop by any forum for any kind of problem you are facing with your system, someone will always try to help you out. Such is the support of Linux community.

Better commands

As a software engineer commands aid and eases our work, windows have a very limited set of commands unless you're using mingw-w64 which is limited and not extensible like the default terminal in Linux, another great feat is the ability to extend and theme the command shell.

Ease of use

The one misconception about Linux is that it is “geeks only” and one needs to be computer genius and command line ninja to use Linux. No, it is not true. It is not late 90’s where Linux was a complicated operating system. These days desktop Linux OSes run out of the box, have GUI tools and have all the functionality that you look for in Windows.

I hope this post makes your decision of switching to Linux easier especially to Ubuntu. Also you can follow me on my twitter handle. Time to ditch Windows and embrace the freedom has come. Welcome to Linux 💕!

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