What do these icons (emoji) mean?

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Definitely, heart icon means that I love this article, and that's positive response.

I don't know, however, meaning of other three icons, thinking face, raised hand and unicorn.

Thinking face is positive or negative?
Raised hand means that I have a question? (If so, you should write a comment.)

What does a Unicorn mean ?????????????

Help me, please.


Sorry, I found similar articles...

But why unicorn???


There are times that I do not agree with an article and I would like to show a "down vote".

Currently I use the hand/face icon but this is not clearly a down vote. Maybe some people will read the hand/face as "ooo that's interesting".

I think it is important that we can clearly highlight posts that are either incorrect or disagreable.


Thinking face to me either means "hm, I'm not sure about that" or "hm, I'll have to think about this more." Raised hands is described as "Person Raising Both Hands in Celebration" in Unicode, and I usually see it used as that.

Unicorn I have no idea about, haha.

(More info about raised hands: theatlantic.com/technology/archive...)

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