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What do the heart/thinking/praise/unicorn buttons mean to you?

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Markus Zancolò • Edited

:D no comment yet, but each button already pressed once.

To me (and i am new here, so maybe i got it wrong):
heart: "This is a nice post, i like it"
thinking: "hmm thats interessting, not sure if i agree but you made some good points"
praise (aka double-high-five): "you described something where you did an excellent job. well done" (so not directly the article, but the stuff mentionend in the article)
unicorn: "you/the article is one of a kind. this is beyond great" or "this is pure fiction, but i like the idea" (never gave that one before, and i am not really sure what to do with it. but hey: UNICORNS :D )

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🦄N B🛡


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Jess Lee

Here are some more interpretations 🙃

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Clifton Hill

You mean I have to decide what they mean to me? Dev isn't telling me what they're for?

Oh! Choices. :D

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Valentin Baca