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Are You Completely New To Tech World? I Have A Few Crucial Tips For You!

When you want to start a new journey everything looks scary that might even prevent you form moving forward with it; Specially tech world!
And if you have no background/knowledge about it or no one to guide you through, journey might look super scary!
But that's okay

In this article I'm gonna help you make your new programming journey a little easier for you.

Here are the things that I've learned that I think will be beneficial to your journey :

1. Take your time

2. It's okay to feel lost/confused

3. Stick to basics

4. Stay away from shiny objects

5. You don't need to memorize the codes

6. Find a mentor if you can

7. Take breaks

1. Take your time :

The firs thing you need to know is that you should take it slow. it's not a competition. you're new , let your brain process everything.

When I first started out, I had to spent days and days on doing researches to learn about lots of stuff, for example I didn't even know if I should go with web development or app development . or what language should learn.

Researching helped me find my path.

So please take your time and do a thorough search and get your journey sorted out.

ps. It's completely normal if you want to change your direction later and choose another field or language.
Everyone's journey is different.

2. It's okay to feel lost/confused :

You just stepped into a new world and it's completely normal to feel confused.
But the more you move forward the more you'll feel comfortable with everything. pieces of the puzzle will come together eventually.

let me tell you a funny story :
When I was new and all I would just open w3school and start learning from topic to topic, because I had no idea what to do or how to learn!

Okay so why did I tell you that? because I want you to know it's okay if you don't know what to do or where to start , you will eventually find your way and the confusion will stop.

3. Stick to the basics :

Stick to the basics.
Learn the fundamentals first.
Learn how things work.

If you don't learn fundamentals properly then you have to keep coming back to it every time you try to code, so focus on learning fundamentals before jumping into other stuff.

4. Stay away from shiny objects :

Tech is a very big world. lots of new stuff comes out everyday which might draw your attention.
But you need to stay away from them for now. stick with one thing at a time.
Don't let shiny objects distract you.

In my beginning journey I was so drawn to react because it was all everyone was talking about (it still is though).
I didn't even know javascrpt and ended up buying a react course lol

5. You don't need to memorize the codes :

You don't need to memorize every single code, it's not even possible to do so.
That's what google is for. you should learn how to google and solve your problems.
You might feel bad for forgetting the codes BUT THAT'S OKAY.
Even devs with 5+ years of experience use google everyday.

I used to feel like I'm a bad dev for forgetting stuff and googling, it made me feel like I'm cheating but seeing other devs talking about how they use google on a daily basis made feel better.
So I want you to know it's okay to google.

6. Find a mentor if possible :

Finding someone who can guide you would be very beneficial and save you a lot of time.
They are more experienced than you so they can show you the way and save you a lot of headaches and confusion.
Your mentor could be a friend of yours or someone you've connected with on social medias.

But if you can't find a mentor that's totally okay.
I didn't have a mentor either and so didn't lots of other devs.
There are lots of amazing programmers/developers on twitter who are helping people in their own way. Follow them , read about their experience and mistakes and use it to your advantage.

7. Take breaks :

And more importantly ,don't forget to take breaks.

You're tired and your brain can't function properly?
Take a break

You can't solve a problem?
Take a break and clear your head.
Go take a walk, listen to music, play video games etc and then get back to coding again.

You're physically tired?
Take a break. Your health is as important as your career and future.

These were the most important things that I've learned so far, I hope it was useful for you guys.

If you have any more tips please feel free to share.

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dawnrahul97 profile image
Rahul Harijan

I too, when i started learning web development, was learning each and every topics🤕 from w3school.
Later i got to know that we don't have to learn and memorize every topics🤓, Google is there for us.

Good article for Newbies🔥

ritvikdubey27 profile image
Ritvik Dubey

4th point 🔥