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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to set up my blog and I want to be able to track things like reads, page visits and other metrics for analysis.

Do you mind sharing how you set up your blog, tools and technologies you used, and how you tracked analytics? Links to your blogs and links to articles where you wrote about it(if any) would be appreciated.

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You will want to set up Google Analytics, that will give you all the analysis you'll need I'd imagine.

Annoyingly, I actually make a blog from scratch using a headless CMS, and blogged about the whole process, but I shut down the website yesterday so the post is gone from public view!


Thank you for your contribution. I have noted these down.


Are you looking to set-up a blog from scratch (i.e. design the frontend, backend etc) or do you want a CMS system?

I use Ghost CMS for Code Tips and have found it to be very good.


my blog is theninja.codes, built with Gridsome and I use Netlify CMS for writing, It's a bit JAMStacky, I use Google Analytics to track all that, It might not be as feature-rich as the ones with WordPress or others but it does the Job.


Here is my blog on how to setup personal blog website from scratch using Hugo.



I don't write on my blog that much. It uses Jekyll, and Netlify CMS integrates very well with it. I don't really check the analytics, but I use google analytics.

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