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Plasma Donation Website using MERN stack

Hello amazing people πŸ‘‹,

Welcome to Plasma Donation Website. As we all know, the world is suffering from the COVID-19 crisis. Our government and health care professionals are trying their best to help the patients suffering from COVID-19. Scientists are trying to discover a vaccine to cure people affected with coronavirus. There is a scientific way from which we can help to lower the death ratio or help the COVID 19 affected person. Plasma therapy is an experimental approach to treat COVID-positive patients and help them recover faster. But, in this situation, it is difficult for a patient to find a plasma donor as everybody can’t donate plasma.

Our project goal

The main goal of our project is to make it easier for the COVID-19 patients to get a plasma donor easily as well as donate plasma if they have recovered. The system targets two types of users: the people who want to donate plasma and the people who need plasma. The user can also view the total active cases, nearby vaccine centers, hospitals address. The main objective of developing the website is to make it easier for the COVID-19 patients to get a plasma donor easily and as soon as possible.

Workflow of the project

The person who wants to donate his/her plasma needs to register in our application providing required information which are name, age, blood group, phone number, and location, etc.
Patients who need plasma can also fill the form to request the plasma. Patients can directly call the donor by taking his/her contact number from the application.
The user can also view the total active cases, recovered cases, vaccine centers in their area, hospital location, and helpline number.

UML diagram

Screenshot (330).png

Technology Used

In this project, we have used the following technologies :-

  • Frontend : HTML, CSS, React.JS
  • Backend : NodeJs, Express.Js
  • Database : MongoDB


  • Speed : This website is fast and offers great accuracy as compared to manual registered keeping.
  • Maintenance : Less maintenance is required
  • User Friendly : It is very easy to use and understand. It is easily workable and accessible for everyone.
  • Fast Results : It would help you to provide plasma donors easily depending upon the availability of it.


  • Internet : It would require an internet connection for the working of the website.
  • Auto- Verification : It cannot automatically verify the genuine users.

Screenshots & Gif

1.) Home Page


2.) Nearby Vaccine Centres


3.) Hospitals List


4.) Plasma Info


5.) Donor Form


6.) Donors List


7.) Request Form


8.) Requests List


Future Work:-

1.) In future, we will try to verify the genuine users.

2.) For now, we have just listed the hospitals in Delhi, but in the future, we will try to add hospitals of each state of India.




As I am a student so I am not able to add too much functionality to this project. So, if you find any problem, bug (🐞), want to add more features to this website, or want to share any kind of suggestions to improve our work please let us know by creating an issue here. I will also try to work more on this project so I will host it somewhere and people find it useful.


1.) ReactJS documentation:-

2.) NodeJS documentation:-

3.) ExpressJS documentation:-

4.) MongoDB :-

5.) Git and Github:-

6.) W3 School

7.) YouTube

8.) Stack Overflow

Source Code:- Plasma Donation Website

Working Project Video:- Plasma Donation Website

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Thanks for reading 🀝🀝

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Estee Tey

This is a pretty cool project, keep up the good work!

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Neha Soni

Thank you

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can i get your journal paper mam