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I made a microframework for converting handlebars to HTML!

I was building a website using Github Pages and wanted to use templating functionality without having to resort to Jekyll. I found a few repos and code samples from devs who had attempted to solve this same problem, but the best thing I found was an old repo by a developer who hasn't logged in for quite some time called handlebars-to-html. I took his code, cleaned it up and applied it to my website, and then ripped out some of the guts to create a microframework I decided to call Panhandle.

I'm brand new to async/await and the project's not building in the right order, and I think the architecture could be improved a little bit too. However, I spent about 20 hours working on it, it's definitely usable, and I have other stuff that's more pressing in work and life - so that's where I decided to stop.

I'm really proud of what I've done so far, but I know it can be improved a bit. If you think this project/problem are interesting, please feel free to fork and contribute! Thanks!

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