My first npm package mongoose-morgan

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Recently I was working on one of my express app projects, and I had a need to log all data from morgan npm package to the database. So I found out there are some npm packages available to do it, but I had to create one of my own.

The package is named mongoose-morgan, here is a link to it.

So mongoose-morgan is an npm package express middleware which is combining mongoose and morgan packages by adding an additional functionality to log morgan data into MongoDB.

To install it just call:

npm install mongoose-morgan

And to use it with all of its features just add this code into your express app.

    collection: 'error_logger'
    connectionString: 'mongodb://localhost:27017/logs-db',
    user: 'admin',
    pass: 'test12345'
    skip: function (req, res) {
        return res.statusCode < 400

The more important is that you have all available features from morgan package like format and options features, so you can select whatever you want.


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Dave O'Dea

Awesome job, @nempet ! This is very useful - super quick way to store application data to MongoDB :)

nempet profile image
Nemanja Petrovic Author

Thank you so much! I hope it saves you our most valuable resource - time!

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Daniel J. Summers

I recently published my first package to npm as well - it's a rush, isn't it? :) Congratulations!

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Nemanja Petrovic Author

Thanks, congratulations to you too.

Yeah, it's a great feeling knowing someone is using your npm package :D