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we made it to front end, Not going to lie and it might be easy to tell but I much prefer front end, it just make so much more sense to me, I also love using CSS to apply design to a web page.

about the week

first thing we learned about in front end was the DOM, although I have previously learned about and worked with the DOM for fun it was nice to get a refresher as always.

We learned how to interact with the DOM, how to get elements from it and how to add elements to it. we then moved onto Form Validation, I really enjoyed theses sessions because I feel like up till now I haven't really shown the tutors on the bootcamp how much I already know, I feel like I was able to interact with the lectures a lot more than usual which was awesome.

Onto React

Wednesday onward we shifted gears to learn react, this is something I always knew wad the next step to learn in my front end journey, up until now it has seemed like this enormous thing that was difficult to learn, nice to know I was partly wrong, it IS an enormous thing in terms of functionality, but the tutors have so far broken the concepts down into easy to follow sections, and as always they make sure everyone in the lecture is on the same page before introducing a new part to us.

all this is amazing and I'm still really having a blast learning but I do want to bring up something negative this time.


Last week we had CSS Kata's which were incredibly fun, However. Over the past few few weeks I've been increasingly concerned about my own ability to complete Kata's, a lot of the times I find myself spending a lot of the morning Kata time Researching the problem more than doing them.

I know there is nothing wrong with learning about the theories they cover but I really worry that its going to have an affect on me when it comes to interviews, I feel like no matter how much of the more practice code I can write, I'm going to fail massively in any of the more theoretical style tech tests I might encounter, I would love to hear if anyone else struggles with them and for anyone unsure what a kata is think Code wars and leetcode.


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