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It all Asynced in I promise

Last Week Boot Camp at NorthCoders was all about Asynchronous Code, We learned how to use the node API to do things while we did other things.

Such a good week

I really enjoyed the last week at boot camp it was incredibly interesting. I Loved the sprint's from Last week as well, especially NC Leaks, the premise of the sprint was to connect to an API (HTTP Requests) that was set up to retrieve the secret this secret had the rest of the instructions for the rest of the sprint, I really enjoyed this style of sprint where the information wasn't directly given to us and we had to work through the sprint to find the information.

Futurama Fry Not sure

Pair Programming

Also this past week I've really been starting to love pair programming a lot more especially being remote, its really good to have someone to work with and talk through the problems and as always its good to see how other developers solve things, since they might have a way of doing it you hadn't thought of. I admittedly have found myself wishing I was in a pair on solo sprints just to have someone to bounce ideas off.

Bye bye fundamentals...But not really

This last week has seen a close to the "fundamentals block". The course has moved onto back end, I say a close , its more of a not going to be very formal thing, fundamentals are still going to be there, Were still going to be using them on every sprint and morning Kata, there just not being taught formally.

Now moving on to back end were going to be learning about everything from server/API's to Databases and I'm very excited for this, looking at the calendar where going to start building out some smaller projects that we can keep a hold of and use, In our Portfolios.

A few Notes, For this Blog going forward I hope to include more code Snippets where relevant or something I think was Just REALLY awesome,like a function I'm proud of or an interesting thing I learned, For this week, I've got a Snippet of how I used Axios to "Catch EM ALL, getting all Pokemon from the Pokeapi

const axios = require('axios');

axios.get("").then((result) => {
}).catch((err) => {

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I'm also hoping to write more blog Posts since I'm enjoying them.

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