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Episode 22/50: Angular Gaming Show, Ryan Carniato learning Angular

The SolidJS author Ryan Carniato debated various aspects of the Angular framework with Minko Gechev (product head of Angular). In a lively Angular gaming show, participants asked a plentiful of questions.

Angular Gaming Show

The Angular team did their monthly Angular gaming show on YouTube where everybody could ask questions. Usually, you don't have the feeling that the amount of questions is overwhelming. This time though, it was different.

One of the many takeaways was that the Angular team emphasised that they are working very hard to improve SSR. And they are not alone. They have support from the Aurora team.

The Aurora team is kind of a special task force inside of Google consisting of members of the Chrome team. They work together with different web technologies, frameworks, and help them in different areas.

One of the recent outcomes of the cooperation between the Aurora and the Angular team is the NgOptimizedImage directive.

Learning Angular with Ryan Carniato and Minko Gechev

Minko Gechev gave Ryan Carniato a jumpstart into Angular. Minko is the head of product for Angular, and Ryan is the creator of SolidJS, a popular frontend framework.

The recording is quite long. It lasts 4 and a half hours. So if you are short on time, I would recommend to watch the chapters "Reflecting on Angular" and especially "Compiled Output". That's definitely advanced and insightful.

New Releases

PrimeNg 15

PrimeNg, a UI library, released version 15 with support for Angular 15 and some bug fixes.

PrimeNg Release Notes 15

Playwright 1.29

Playwright, an E2E testing framework by Microsoft, was published in version 1.29. It has comes with some new, smaller features.

Playwright Release Notes 1.29

RxJs 7.7 and 7.8

And RxJs had actually with 7.7 and 7.8 two minor releases in one week. Multiple operators support now the type ObservableInput which is a union type where the Observable is also part of it. But also other types like ArrayLike, PromiseLike that can be converted to an Observable.

RxJs Release Notes

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